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FLASH SALE Alert: Get 10% off everything at Easyflex for a limited time!

Easyflex Floating Flange Rubber Expansion Joint, Drilling: ANSI B16.5 Class 150#

Original price Rs. 2,858.00 - Original price Rs. 36,515.00
Original price
Rs. 2,858.00
Rs. 2,858.00 - Rs. 36,515.00
Current price Rs. 2,858.00

Spherical moulded type expansion joints / flexible connectors with zinc electroplated floating steel flanges for easy alignment long radius arch bellow design permits substantial movements in all planes.


Installation of REJFF is recommended as expansion joints within the piping system and at connection points of piping suction discharge

  • Compensate for axial transverse and angular pipe movements thereby protecting the system from stresses and damage due to thermal expansion and contraction of piping, minor pipe misalignment and hydraulic surge effects.
  • Eliminate need for pipe expansion loops that are expensive and require considerable space.
  • Significantly reduce noise and vibration transmitted in the system through pipe walls
  • Allow vibration isolators to function properly, by providing flexibility at equipment connection.
  • Cushion water hammer by expanding volumetrically, thus protecting against sudden startup / surge forces or shocks
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